The Conscious Consultant Hour

Thursday, May 28, 2020

2020/05/28 - Using Crazy Times to Fuel Positive Ridiculous Change

[EPISODE] Using Crazy Times to Fuel Positive Ridiculous Change

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Best-Selling Author, Seer and Lover of Life, Jennifer Hough.

Jennifer made a traumatic transition in her 30’s from working for a multinational corporation doing forecasts, to seeing life, people and the world as an energy holograph. 

She now travels the world acting as a conduit for those who seek the ability to fully live out their purpose, with clarity and confidence. Why? Because it became clear that we are ready as human beings to be free, expand our compassion and fully enjoy our lives, instead of living out of fear and control. 

She engages metaphysical tools that bypass the need to constantly analyze by going direct with consciousness. Jennifer’s work is for those that know “it’s time” to be the change, be fulfilled, and find that ‘something more’ that is waiting for us.  

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Segment 1

The show opens with the weekly quotes from Abraham and the Universe. Sam introduces the guest of the show, best-selling author and close friend, Jennifer Hough. Jennifer and Sam discuss their similar backgrounds and Jennifer shares the profound moment that changed the trajectory of her life. 

Segment 2

Sam and Jennifer delve into the contrast that the pandemic has created in society. Then Jennifer teaches us how to channel that contrast into something productive. She invites the audience to consider the third entity in trying times. 

Segment 3

Sam shares a Chinese fable that connects to the current climate. The pair discuss the overflow theory and changing personal frequencies. 

Segment 4

Sam and Jennifer leave the audience with a few points on what they can do to empower and contribute to society. They end the show with a message about the power of gratitude. Sam urges people to be the change they wish to see in the world.