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Friday, May 22, 2020

2020/05/22 - When The Music Dies

[EPISODE] When The Music Dies

Quarantine has shut down most travel and all gatherings, taking away the foundation of the music performance industry.

Not all is lost though! This week we'll hear from two innovators in the field. They previously put in motion tactics that would insure survival in an already ultra-competitive market. Join Jeremiah and his guests Caleigh Drane & Mario Quintero.

Segment 1

“This is about doing over dwelling right now…” 

Jeremiah’s guest Caleigh, a cellist, who talks about being a music coach and gives her perspective on the pandemic. Jeremiah and her begin a conversation about family, humanitarian work, and the relationship between entrepreneurship and community.

Segment 2

Caleigh outlines her journey on becoming a professional music coach from working as a cellist. She gives out advice for other musicians currently living through the pandemic.  She encourages them not to drop and leave the industry for something with more stability. Caleigh mentions her social media and her upcoming masterclass on Creativity and leaves the listeners with a message about responsibility.

Segment 3

Mario Quintero, lead guitarist of the band Spotlights, speaks with Jeremiah about Pittsburgh, his life meandering around the country, and touring. Mario gives his hopeful perspective on the music industry during the pandemic and rounds out the segment delving into why he moved out of New York.

Segment 4

Jeremiah and Mario talk about a mutual friend of theirs. Mario goes into his work as an audio engineer and his current streams of income, and he urges the importance of diversifying one’s trades. The show closes with Mario plugging his website and music and giving out contact information.