Voices of Courage

Thursday, May 21, 2020

2020/05/21 - The Courage to Upscale

[EPISODE] The Courage to Upscale

This week on Voices of Courage, host Ken D. Foster is joined by Dr. Jenelle Kimthe founder and lead formulator for JBK Wellness Labs who is devoted to integrating the philosophy, medical wisdom, and expertise of East Asia with the advancements of modern life and medicine of the West, and Renee Reisch, a #1 best-selling author transformational coach, and motivational speaker who loves connecting with female entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to gain more confidence and become the leaders they are meant to be, to discuss how we can live a more healthy, balanced, and purposeful life.

Dr. Kim shares how we can create an awareness of the connectedness between the mind, body, spirit, and greater universe, and provides insight on living a more balanced, purposeful, and harmonious life. Renee shares her personal journey of turning obstacles into opportunities and shares how to demolish limiting beliefs, cultivate an attitude of gratitude, and create the life we were meant to live.

Segment 1

Ken opens the show reflecting how things are changing rapidly during our current times. In the face of people hurting and tough times, he encourages his audience to focus on moving forward both in our personal lives and entrepreneurially. He then introduces Dr. Jenelle Kim who gives tips to the audience on how to stay healthy, relating to how many Covid-19 patients are those who do not have a healthy lifestyle. Ken then asks Dr. Kim how people can “know their true selves,” a complex but vital question to well-being. She speaks in-depth about meditation, focusing on “living meditation.” 

Segment 2

Dr. Kim briefly goes into the “8 Keys” to improve one’s life, much of which is derived from the teachings of her mentors and her own work. She also breaks down three key concepts as to how we can stop limiting ourselves, which is: 1) To look at our intentions. 2) Move with the Tao. 3) Gratitude. Following this, Dr. Kim suggests what thoughts and intentions one can culture to change their reality for the better. She shares how listeners can learn more about her business and her work. The segment ends with Dr. Kim’s final thoughts. 

Segment 3

Ken introduces his next guest, Renee Reisch, who introduces her book Finding Your Voice: Unlock Your Chains and Unleash Your Greatness. She talks about her inspirations for the book and her experience with illness. She reflects on how and why people so often “lose their voice” mentally and emotionally; she relates how finding one’s “voice” is also about finding one’s self and living for one’s self. The segment ends with Renee sharing the moment she finally felt connected to her own spirituality.

Segment 4

Ken and Renee go further in-depth about her book Finding Your Voice. She emphasizes the power of writing and the “take-aways” found at the end of every chapter. The exercises within the book are especially meant to help others on their road to self-improvement. Renee, too, talks about finding oneself, the importance of self-discovery, and to ask ourselves “Who am I?” Relating to Covid-19, Renee talks about her illness and some of the key mental thoughts that helped her recover. The show ends with how audiences can connect with Renee Reisch and where to find her book.