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Friday, May 15, 2020

2020/05/15 - Virtual Round Table

[EPISODE] Virtual Round Table

This week we're trying something different... taking advantage of the Zoom reach imposed on us by the shutdown.

In a virtual round table style, I'll have a different guest for each segment of the show. They each represent a myriad of backgrounds and industries, both distant and near.

The goal... make it clear, concise and to the point. What's happening in your world/industry right now and how are you responding to it?

Segment 1

Jeremiah introduces the first guest of the round table, Michael Johnson, a coffee shop owner, to discuss tea, Michael’s education in media and communications, his motivations behind starting his show, ‘Tea with Mike’, and a few other ventures of his and a few he hopes to embark on. Michael then gives some advice for struggling businesses right now to strengthen their digital outreach.

Segment 2

Jeremiah introduces the second guest of the round table, Don Jackson, a personal trainer, who talks about his training, living in San Diego, and getting into contact with Jeremiah. Don gives a bit of advice for listeners at home for workouts and exercises, as well as giving out contact information, to close out the segment.

Segment 3

Jeremiah introduces the third guest of the round table, Jonaed Iqbal, who talks about his website, and The No Degree Podcast, as well as discussing his motivations behind starting the company. Jonaed leaves a piece of advice and his contact information before the next segment.

Segment 4

Jeremiah introduces the final guest of the round table, an MMA fighter, who talks giving back to the community and his immense social media presence.