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Friday, May 15, 2020

2020/05/15 - Donor Advised Funds and Leadership

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[EPISODE] Donor Advised Funds and Leadership

Donor Advised Funds
Let's relieve the misery of DAFs. There may be a lot you cannot find, but you're not helpless. Maria Semple has advice and resources for finding and reaching the funds. She's our prospect research contributor and The Prospect Finder.

In two recent shows, guests agreed that Amy Sample Ward represents a shining example of vulnerable leadership. So who better to speak to about leadership—whether in a crisis or not? She’s CEO of NTEN and our technology and social media contributor.

Segment 1

Tony introduces the guests of the show, Amy Sample Ward and Maria Semple. The first segment is primarily a chat between Tony and Amy about leadership, Amy first giving out her contact information and then diving into the conversation with Amy defining ‘vulnerable leadership’.

Segment 2

The conversation continues with Amy discussing being open emotionally in the workspace, Amy reflecting on a video she’s made on the cancellation of NTC due to the pandemic, and going on to what really defines a good leader and the idea of ‘self-care’.

Segment 3

Tony begins his conversation with Maria Semple, who talks about forming a relationship between the nonprofit and prospects, focusing on locating funds and the people in charge of them. She also names the iWave app as a great tool for prospect research.

Segment 4

Maria names a few more prospecting tools, sources for nonprofit news, and setting up recurring donations as opposed to yearly gifts from donors.