Rediscovering New York

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

2020/05/12 - Park Slope in Brooklyn

[EPISODE] Park Slope in Brooklyn

On this week’s show we will visit Brooklyn’s own Park Slope.

My guests will be Rediscovering New York regular and the program’s Special Consultant, David Griffin of Landmark Branding. And Life Coach Jose Franco, Founder and Owner of Stoop Juice.

Segment 1

Jeff introduces the first guest of the show, Rediscovering New York regular, David Griffin. The two begin their conversation on the early history of the Park Slope neighborhood in Brooklyn. They go back to its colonial history through the Revolutionary War, reaching the nineteenth century. David explains how the modern look and feel of the neighborhood started to come about with the introduction of street cars and other modes of transportation. He names a few notable land developers and locations along the way.

Segment 2

David talks about a few of his current projects he’s working on and leaves contact information for listeners if they are interested in any upcoming virtual tours. The conversation then continues on how the neighborhood received its name. David then lists a couple of important buildings from the late-nineteenth/early-twentieth century. He pinpoints unique elements apart of their architecture. David talks about Park Slope’s history through the Great Depression and  first-half of the twentieth century all the way through the Brownstone Revival. 

Segment 3

Jeff introduces the second guest of the show, Jose Franco. Jose talks growing up in Brooklyn, living in and out of all of New York throughout his life. Jose lays out the journey of his many vocations, including his stints as a baseball coach and a life coach.

Segment 4

Jose talks about his current business, a juice bar, and goes into describing the look and feel of Park Slope today, focusing on the residents of the neighborhood and giving his own personal experience living there. Jose talks then talks about his business and its customers and a few struggles he has as a business owner, closing the show with an idea for another possible business.