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Friday, May 8, 2020

2020/05/08 - Data Privacy Practices

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[EPISODE] Data Privacy Practices

Data Privacy Practices
Let's have a romp through the fields of data privacy and cybersecurity. Musing as we frolic on just how important the right practices and policies are to your nonprofit. My guest is Jon Dartley, Of Counsel at Perlman+Perlman law firm.

Segment 1

Tony introduces the guest of the show, Jon Dartley and the two begin their talk on data privacy and cybersecurity. Dartley talks about why it is important that nonprofits pay attention to it. They go over a few notable breaches in recent memory and the reach and effect of GDPR.

Segment 2

Jon continues to explain the function of GDPR and private policies and inform nonprofits how to handle these processes properly. They also touch upon New York Shield and the shield act for New York listeners.

Segment 3

Jon explains how nonprofits should deal with a breach and going through how one should go about employing organizations to handle cybersecurity. He also goes over what should be included in a contract and on their website hiring a Cybersecurity firm and how organizations should handle sensitive digital information to better protect their data privacy.

Segment 4

The two talk about the impact of the pandemic on the digital world. Jon continues with how organizations can better how they handle their digital data both at home and work. He closes the show with resources that listeners can use to help improve their cybersecurity and advice for nonprofits on executing what was relayed on the show today.