The Conscious Consultant Hour

Thursday, May 7, 2020

2020/05/07 - Why Gratitude Is So Important Right Now!


Sam Liebowitz, will discuss all types of topics to help you raise your awareness.

[EPISODE] Why Gratitude Is So Important Right Now!

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, it's just Sam and you as he discusses all about Gratitude!

Why is gratitude so important now? How can we use gratitude to help us thrive today? How exactly do we use gratitude on a daily basis?

Sam will answer these questions and more! With both perspectives and practices to support you today and tomorrow, he will share his insights and knowledge to support you in living a better life right now.

Tune in for this transformational discussion at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Segment 1

The show opens with quotes from Abraham and the Universe, dealing with focusing on the right things, overthinking, connecting with the positive energy within us while letting go of negative thoughts and emotions, and the correlation between our emotional health and our physical health.

Segment 2

Sam informs listeners about the power in gratitude, encouraging them to dwell on what they’re grateful for in this time in order to shift our minds towards more positive thoughts. He then gives his own perspective on gratitude and gives an exercise for listeners to try. He talks about seeing gratitude through the perspective of people, experiences, and things.

Segment 3

Sam has a list of 20 gratitude practices to use on a daily basis. He goes through a the first ten daily practices including highlighting people who we can give greater consideration to.

Segment 4

Sam finishes the show by outlining the second ten gratitude practices including extending these practices to other people in our lives.