Voices of Courage

Thursday, May 7, 2020

2020/05/07 - The Courage to Press On

[EPISODE] The Courage to Press On

This week on Voices of Courage, host Ken D. Foster is joined by Eric Lofholm. Eric is a Master Sales Trainer who has taught his proven sales systems to thousands of professionals around the world. Also on the show is Jim Britt, an internationally recognized thought leader and highly sought after speaker. He specializes in the field of peak performance and personal empowerment training. They discuss the courage to press on in challenging times and take our lives to the next level.

Eric discusses business, proven sales systems for generating leads, and learning how to re-purpose skill-sets and pivot in the current market. Jim shares how we can access our true potential and hidden wealth talents, improve our performance, and live a life that’s filled with personal and professional advancement.

Segment 1

The show begins with Ken sharing some words of encouragement to his audience, marking three distinct “zones” people are living in: the “fear” zone, the “calm” zone, and the courageous “zone.” He gives tips on reconnecting with and empowering oneself, as well as how to promote a creative mind. Ken mentions his upcoming book The Courage to Change Everything and where audiences can learn more about it.

Segment 2

Ken introduces his first guest, Eric Lofholm. They reminisce about the times many years back of old recordings and how their respective businesses have pivoted over the years. This leads to Eric offering some business strategies to go about pivoting one’s business in the face of the current nature of sales due to the pandemic. He then adds on to the idea that businesses are entering a new era of sales. He presses the importance of having a focused mindset on one’s sales team as well as honing in on the skill sets one may not realize they already have.

Segment 3

Eric dives deeper into what it means when people and business owners should shift their mindset to find success. He then lists some of the most important questions people should be asking themselves in this point in time. Ken and Eric both share their thoughts on finding the best people to collaborate and partner with to further business ideas and support. This is followed with Eric stressing the importance of being methodical, systemizing information, and how to approach meetings. The segment ends with Eric telling audiences how they can reach him.

Segment 4

Ken introduces his last guest, Jim Britt, who quickly shares how he’s been dealing with the coronavirus quarantine. Jim shares what advice he may give to struggling entrepreneurs who are wondering what the next step to take should be. With his latest book almost completed in approximately three weeks, Jim then describes the mindset that goes into completing such a task. He emphasizes the act of letting go of things beyond one’s control to facilitate the ability to create and be creative. Jim then shares what he believes are the most important principles and advice to win financially during these times, believing everyone has a “hidden wealth talent.”

Segment 5

The last segment ends with Jim explaining how his book series, Cracking the Rich Code, came into being. The book focuses on entrepreneurial insights and business strategies. Jim gives advice on what the first step a new entrepreneur should take and the attitude to approach it. On the other hand, he also shares advice for those who have already begun taking action and feel like they are failing. After which, being that entrepreneurs have many things to juggle with, Jim also gives on how to deal with these things, highlighting the need to understand one’s worth. Jim then shares the greatest failure he’s had, what he learned from it, and how to recover from failure.