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Friday, May 1, 2020

2020/05/01 - How Businesses Are Getting By

[EPISODE] How Businesses Are Getting By

Jeremiah speaks with Elizabeth V Novello to discuss how businesses are getting by in NYC & NJ. You can also catch the video on Facebook by clicking here.
Segment 1 Jeremiah introduces the guest of the show, Elizabeth Novello who talks living in New Jersey, being a school teacher prior to her current profession, and gives her perspective on the local business scene in NJ and how she’s had to conduct her work through the pandemic, including how she’s been able to use social media to her advantage. Segment 2 Elizabeth continues to talk to the importance of social media and using this time in an effective and efficient way, outlining how business owners should handle these times with their backs against the wall, Elizabeth stressing the importance of attention, briefly touching on her family, the segment closing with Elizabeth urging people to fight to survive since there is no other choice.  Segment 3 Elizabeth talks a bit about her family life and how she is running her real estate business during the pandemic using digital platforms. Segment 4 Elizabeth lays down a few more tips for running your business digitally, talks local businesses and support, and ends the show by giving out her contact information and gives out one last final message for listeners while Jeremiah relays how people should support their local businesses.