Voices of Courage

Thursday, April 30, 2020

2020/04/30 - The Courage to Outthink Fear

[EPISODE] The Courage to Outthink Fear

This week on Voices of Courage, host Ken D. Foster is joined by Dr. Mark McLaughlina practicing board-certified neurosurgeon, a national media commentator, author, and acclaimed keynote speaker, and Anne O Boudreau, an inspirational author, coach, and successful executive who devotes her life to helping others develop healthy self-worth, to discuss healing, renewing, and developing self-worth and using cognitive dominance to outthink fear. Dr. McLaughlin discusses the power of Cognitive Dominance and shares a new framework for dealing with fear that helps us to think and perform at the top of our game during stressful situations. Anne discusses the foundation for sustainable personal change and how we can retrain our brains by altering our habits and practices to improve our self-worth.

Segment 1

Ken begins the show by introducing the premise of the episode by taking a “deep dive” into the hopes of releasing oneself from fear. He focuses on the concept of uncertainty, facing the unknown, and how it leads to creativity. His segment ends after sharing his own personal experience of “facing uncertainty” when leading a group of entrepreneurs. 

Segment 2

Ken introduces Dr. Mark McLaughlin. Dr. McLaughlin talks about how the pandemic has impacted his life, work, and the difficulties he and the staff as his hospital face. Ken then asks Dr. McLaughlin how he deals with patients who are especially fearful who cannot readily see their doctors for check-ups, surgeries, and other necessary reasons to visit the doctor. This leads to Dr. McLaughlin explains why he wrote his book and why it is relevant today. The segment ends with Ken asking Dr. McLaughlin if he is someone who can deal with uncertainty. To that end, he shares advice on how to deal with uncertainty.

Segment 3

The segment opens with Dr. McLaughlin explaining what cognitive dominance is, relating it to how “cognitive dominance” can help react to unexpected events. Dr. McLaughlin shares his framework breaking down how one may deal with fear and stressful events, and how to perhaps reach the best possible solutions. He notes the importance of “micro goals” and basic, everyday things people can do to benefit themselves. The segment ends with how audiences can get Dr. McLaughlin’s book Cognitive Dominance: A Brain Surgeon’s Quest to Out-Think Fear.

Segment 4

Ken introduces Anne O Boudrea who talks about how she’s dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Anne gives tips as to how others can gain a sense of clarity despite foreboding circumstances. She focuses on the need for self-awareness, listening to oneself in isolation, and how to confront the many thoughts from within and from others. In a discussion of shifting values, thoughts, and beliefs, Anne and Ken muse on what parts of ourselves don’t readily shift and remain steadfast. The segment ends with Anne telling audiences how to get her book A Human Mosaic: Heal, Renew, & Develop Self-Worth

Segment 5

Anne goes further into the idea of self-esteem - how to build it up and how to tear it down. She makes a distinction between “self-esteem” and “self-worth.” Ken and Anne discuss the few obstacles many people face when developing “self-worth,” especially the futility of forcing change and the unsatisfaction that comes from material possession alone. Anne talks about how one can stay connected to the healing process from hurt and trauma; she covers relationships, optimism, and little goals of value that can bring positivity to oneself. The segment ends with Anne sharing her final thoughts.