Rediscovering New York

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

2020/04/28 - NYC's Greatest Parks, Central Park & Prospect Park

[EPISODE] NYC's Greatest Parks, Central Park & Prospect Park

Join me this week as we explore New York City’s greatest urban park masterpieces, Central Park and Prospect Park.

My guests will be two Rediscovering New York regulars: Joyce Gold, Founder of Joyce Gold History Tours, and David Griffin, Founder and CEO of Landmark Branding, who is also the program’s Special Consultant.

Segment 1

Jeff introduces the first guest of the show Joyce Gold who talks about her upbringing and how she entered her line of business. The two then jumping right to the conception of Central Park in the nineteenth century and sifting through the history of parks in New York before it was constructed. They discuss the two founders of Central Park and what concepts and factors were considered in its inception. Joyce outlines a few of the problems during the construction of the park and a few examples of ingenuity and outsourcing. She discusses some of the earlier uses of the park and a few policies in place at the time and its expansion into public use.

Segment 2

Joyce Gold talks about the many tours her organization offers and what listeners can look forward to once they are open again. The talk continues with the presence of water in the area before and after the construction of Central Park. They then discuss the communities that were involved or affected by its placement in the area. Then, they delve into the cultivated gardens in the northern part of the park. They talk about a few present fixtures in the park and the history of some of its current attractions. 

Segment 3

Jeff introduces the second guest of the show David Griffin. David describes how he got into his current line of work and how he gained an interest in the history of architecture. They get into the history of the area of Prospect Park starting all the way back in the Revolutionary War. They then discussed a few landmark events, people, places and projects in its journey leading up to the conception of Prospect Park.

Segment 4

David talks about the functions of his organization Landmark Branding. He continues talking about the allure of Prospect Park and goes through the construction and a few features of the park that separates it from Central Park. David talks about the park’s initial reception in the nineteenth century. He describes how it attracted all walks of life as compared to Central Park in its inception, also discussing a few popular pastimes. He adds a tidbit of the park’s littering problem and the lack of lighting. They talk about a few notable constructions started in the early twentieth century. They end the segment with the military history of Prospect Park during WWII.