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Friday, April 24, 2020

2020/04/24 - 5 Questions & Working Virtually

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[EPISODE]  5 Questions & Working Virtually

5 Questions Heather Yandow’s article is “5 Questions to Answer Before You Call a Consultant,” and she’ll help you avoid making a costly mistake. She’s founder of Working Virtually We talk through the issues encountered when managing remote staff: technological; generational; emotional; measurement; recruiting and retaining. Our panel is Heather Martin from Interfaith Family and Alice Hendricks with Jackson River.

Segment #1:

Tony introduces the first guest of the show Heather Yandow, who talks about mistakes people make when hiring a consultant, going over questions you want to ask yourself before contacting one.

Segment #2:

Heather gives her ideas on board development and continues with the questions that should be asked before hiring a consultant.

Segment #3:

Tony introduces the second and third guests of the show, Heather Martin and Alice Hendricks, the two diving into the current landscape of digital communication, focusing on its implementation, accessibility, and benefits.

Segment #4:

Heather and Alice discuss a few tools useful for running a business virtually and how to make the experience comfortable for digital employees, giving advice for how to keep a virtual company stable.