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Friday, April 17, 2020

2020/04/17 - Content Creation During The Lockdown

[EPISODE] Content Creation During The Lockdown

This week the show will highlight the responses, perspectives and adjustments made by a number of successful video & content creators that have used Twitter as a springboard for their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Segment 1

Jeremiah introduces the first guest of the show, Olivia Rachel, who relates the situation in currently from Los Angeles, speaking on the state of businesses and the quarantine, and talks about her work in the TV/Film industry and compares it with working with digital media and why she decided to make the jump in her line of work. She talks about building up her upcoming digital media company and her inspirations when it comes to the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Segment 2

Olivia talks working from home when it comes to TV/Film production and gives a glimpse into that lifestyle, Jeremiah comparing his current experience as well. She talks about what the biggest shifts in her current lifestyle have been. Olivia also talks about her current aspirations and a few habitual behaviors and interests when it comes to her working life. The segment ends with her divulging function of digital marketing business currently in development and her business plan.

Segment 3

Jeremiah introduces the second guest of the show Zane Campbell and talks about the situation in Columbus and the state of business over there as well. They go back and forth on the growth of the food delivery industry, Zane talking about his ever-changing streams of income. Zane gives a bit of background, talking about his current businesses, getting into racing and content creation, expanding his skillset to work on a YouTube channel.

Segment 4

Zane talks about race car accidents and his philosophy when it comes to entrepreneurial work, leading into how he expanded his video creation content, marketing through social media, forming a portfolio and finding a passion inside of it. He talks about his current ventures and opportunities and the state of his work in light of COVID-19, him and Jeremiah talking about what's the best thing for entrepreneurs to be doing at this time. Zane closes the show by giving some advice for digital media creators.