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Friday, April 10, 2020

2020/04/10 - Turbocharge Your Grants Fundraising

Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%

[EPISODE] Turbocharge Your Grants Fundraising

Turbocharge Your Grants Fundraising John Hicks returns with 9 steps that will burn the tires off your grants program. He's principal and founder of DLBHICKS LLC consulting.

Segment 1

Tony introduces the guest of the show, John Hicks, who tells the history of DLBHICKS, starting with the name, which was inspired by Bob Dylan. John tells listeners what he thinks other nonprofits are doing wrong, the conversation starting with the topic of ‘grant-giving’.

Segment 2

The conversation continues with goal-setting outside of monetary growth, how to not put funders off by asking for more money, putting what you need ahead of what you think you can get, John hitting home that this is all about opportunity and to ask donors for enough money so that you don’t need to ask for more. The two go through an outline of tips for better Grant Fundraising.

Segment 3

The conversation continues with building your VQ (Visibility Quotient), getting yourself out there and making yourself visible, how to conduct meetings with grant-makers and keeping them informed on only necessary information.

Segment 4

The conversation continues with ‘Building a Bigger Footprint’ for your nonprofit, creating deeper levels of impact despite the size to make the organization’s contributions look more meaningful, leveraging as much as you can. Going through the rest of the tips, he emphasizes the importance of having a ‘realistic sense of scope’.