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Friday, April 10, 2020

2020/04/10 - Is Anyone Paying Rent?!

[EPISODE] Is Anyone Paying Rent?!

This week we'll hear from Michigan Real Estate guru, Damon Johnson. We'll discuss who is and isn't paying rent and mortgages, what the repercussions could be, and how communication is key in this time.

Segment 1 

Jeremiah introduces the guest of the show, Damon Johnson. Johnson relaying the situation in Detroit and his perspective watching the pandemic spread and pushing the quarantines in his area. Jeremiah and Damon go back and forth on how they are handling their businesses during the quarantine. They also discuss how the quarantine is currently affecting and changing their workload, and how they’re taking advantage of it.                                                                                                                                                              

Segment 2 

Jeremiah talks about the situation in NYC with the current legislation in place that prevent    evictions for the next 90 days, Damon doing the same for the actions being taken in Michigan, giving advice to renters for what they should do in this time, advising people take the initiative to see what their landlords plan to do once this is all over. Damon draws a few comparisons to the recession back in 2008.

Segment 3

The conversation gears towards what the world might be like post-Coronavirus, the two speculating on the education system and the economy. Damon talks about social media, his transition into making it an essential part of his work and how he’s used it to push and elevate business. 

Segment 4

Jeremiah tells his story about he first discovered Gary Vaynerchuk through watching his wine reviews on YouTube. He became a big inspiration for him and Damon as well on discovering Gary and attending a seminar and becoming a big follower of his. The show closes with a toast between the two.