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Friday, April 3, 2020

2020/04/03 - What's Otamot All About?

[EPISODE] What's Otamot All About?

The week we continue with food & CEOs with Andrew Suzuka.  Andrew is the CEO of Otamot Foods, and they are launching nationally with Whole Foods this month in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis.  It is an interesting time for everyone!

Segment 1

Jeremiah introduces his guest Andrew Suzuka, who talks his current business workings with all that is going on, his current motivations for doing what he does, what inspired him to enter the food industry and take on his current role, adding a small anecdote of his own family that led to the creation of his sauce, before beginning to outline his entire journey as an entrepreneur. 

Segment 2

Andrew continues his story as an entrepreneur, telling a few remarkable success stories on the way, telling listeners what he thinks is necessary, both internal and external adversity, to find success. Jeremiah adds his own perspective naming adversity as an essential factor for growth. Andrew highlights the importance of being proactive, especially in times like these, keeping it real and leaving good impressions on people. 

Segment 3

Andrew talks about living in Brooklyn and the two go back and forth about their lives being shifted by the virus and the current business sphere, how the aftermath of the pandemic will be dominated by those who’ve adapted and built resilience. The talk shifts towards happenings in the food industry and the current climate with business relationships.

Segment 4

Andrew talks about his current relationship with Whole Foods in June, his sauce now being sold on a national scale, budding plans with Amazon, and the expansion of adding non-sauce products to Otamot’s catalogue. He shares his philosophy on the entrepreneurial experience outside of pure monetary gain and sheds some light on creating some video content, adding to his point of the importance of building a brand and longevity.