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Friday, April 3, 2020

2020/04/03 - Build Your Grantmaker Relationships

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[EPISODE] Build Your Grantmaker Relationships

Build Your Grantmaker Relationships Our panel of grantmakers and a grantee reveal savvy strategies for building and maintaining relationships with your institutional funders. Foundations are made of people. How do you get close to them? This is a panel I moderated at The Foundation Center in New York City. Back when there was a The Foundation Center. It's now

Segment 1 

Tony introduces each member of the panel and begins the conversation on how to create strong relationships with funders, the focus being on honesty.

Segment 2 

The conversation continues on how to strengthen these relationships early on, even before you become a grantee, the focus being on familiarity and strategy, transitioning into being open and inspiring inquiry, the panel laying out their typical availability for meeting donors and better ways to search for potential clients, highlighting the necessity of research. The panel also briefly touches on the use of social media.

Segment 3 

In this segment, the panel touches on many of the same themes and why to prioritize the mission of their nonprofits first and foremost, also adding in how to make donors feel the impact of their work.

Segment 4

Members of the panel detail ‘Impact’ stories and give out “don’t”s in the process of finding and losing donors.