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Friday, March 27, 2020

2020/03/27 - Trust Your Food

[EPISODE] Trust Your Food

Aaron Felder was just named interim CEO for The Food Trust in January. This Friday we’ll discuss how his daily duties have changed drastically since being named CEO and what the future looks like.

Segment 1

Jeremiah introduces the guest, Aaron Felder, the two going back and forth about their lives during the outbreak and Aaron discussing the mission of The Food Trust and their current situation. He discusses how their company does what they do and how they are funded, as well as where they operate and how the virus has affected the facets of their business and how it can actually be a benefit for them in the end. 

Segment 2

Aaron discusses his career before he’s ended up at The Food Trust, working with people with addiction, and speculates the futures of addiction centers through the crisis. They talk about the perceived scarcity of resources and their observations about people’s rabid shopping habits, the social-distancing, the innovations of video technology, and how things are settling in as protocols are being taken more seriously, as well as the current situation with the education system in the cities. They compare the reaction to the pandemic to that of Superstorm Sandy and 9/11 and how those helped prepare New Yorkers in a way when high-scale disruptors like these come up.

Segment 3

The two talk about the thriving food supply industry but speculate when the stores begin to overstock, Aaron giving his perspective on farmer’s markets and how some businesses will have to operate in these times from his line of work, and the current grounds for local businesses and restaurants as Jeremiah observes it, and interruptions in the supply chains with the surplus of food.

Segment 4

The conversation continues from the last segment before the two talk about finding some peace of mind through all of the isolation, Aaron talking about working at his current position at his organization and how they work through meetings and such. Aaron ends the show talking about a funny little anecdote involving a coworker and their family during a virtual meeting.