The Conscious Consultant Hour

Friday, March 27, 2020

2020/03/27 - Keeping Business Going During Challenging Times

~ AWAKENING HUMANITY ~ Sam Liebowitz, will discuss all types of topics to help you raise your awareness

[SPECIAL BROADCAST] Keeping Business Going During Challenging Times

On this special edition of The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam brings on several local experts to help support you in keeping business going! We will be covering everything from Sales and Marketing to Your Health with our experts. Our panel includes: Adrian Miller, Jeri Quinn, Scott Mason, and Dr. Sherri Greene among others! Tune in for this special episode where we give real advice for keeping your business going in spite of all the hardships and challenges you may be facing at this moment. Do you have a question that one of our experts can answer? Join us on Facebook Live and post your questions to the video stream and we'll answer them for you! Tune in for this transformational discussion at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Segment 1

Sam starts the special edition broadcast by introducing his guest panelists Adrian Miller, sales trainer and consultant, and author; Scott Mason, entrepreneur, attorney, motivational speaker, and principal of Scott Mason LLC; Jeri Quinn, from Driving Improved Results who has started five companies; and Dr. Sherri Greene, a holistic podiatrist and restorative physician. The discussion begins with Adrian on the topic of basic principles in sales and marketing that business owners should still adhere to despite these troubling times. Jeri offers advice for those thinking of starting a business but are now perhaps terrified of taking that step forward. Dr. Sherri gives suggestions for how people can keep from getting overstressed. Scott discusses strategies for brick and mortar businesses and maintaining the entrepreneurial mindset for all fellow business owners. The segment ends with Adrian talking about building relationships with other businesses who may be hesitant to connect with others at the present moment.

Segment 2

Sam takes a moment to emphasize the importance of staying indoors and staying home during the current pandemic. In the same vein, Dr. Greene offers advice on how to stay healthy and mindful of others’ health. The conversation on keeping businesses relevant continues with Jeri discussing how to deal with difficult decisions and keeping humor in the game. Scott gives some insight on what’s on the minds of business people, what they are responding to, and what they are looking for nowadays. The segment ends with Sam adding on to the importance of focus, humor, and how these qualities can help out businesses and each other.

Segment 3

Adrian muses on marketing and its place in giving and showing gratitude to those on the frontlines - nurses, grocers, janitors, etc. In tandem, she reflects on how businesses owners can pivot onto revenue producing opportunities, highlighting the “pay-what-you-want” program concept. Jeri comments that it’s okay to want to make money during these times, and expands upon the idea of being able to move forward and gaining a handle on one’s emotions. A discussion on handling expenses, the availability of loans, and strategic planning techniques to have a better understanding where your business and ideas currently stand then ensues. Segment ends with Dr. Sherri who covers low cost options and resources to stay healthy in the midst of everyone financially hurting, with a focus on food and nutrition.

Segment 4

Sam asks for top tips from all panelists starting with Scott who emphasizes building relations with key external partners, heightening financial intelligence and resources, and improving leadership skills. Jerri talks about honing in on organizational and management skills be it recording systems and processes to knowing your customers and how to segment their needs. Dr. Sherri points to taking care of one’s physical health through supplements that are especially strong against viruses. And last, Adrian urges business owners and those looking for opportunities to not go invisible over social media now. Additionally, she notes that now is a good time to highlight what makes one different in the market. The segment ends with each panelist listing ways in which listeners can contact and connect with them.