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Friday, March 27, 2020

2020/03/27 - John Haydon Tribute

Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95

[EPISODE] John Haydon Tribute

John Haydon Tribute A well respected and widely known digital fundraising expert with a willing smile, John Haydon died at 53 in February, after a 26-month fight against a rare cancer. He was twice a guest on Nonprofit Radio. He shares his spoken wisdom with us one last time. His final written wisdom is in his posthumously published book, "Donor CARE."

Segment 1

John Haydon discusses the viability of Facebook in the nonprofit industry and gives his advice on how to get started by developing a strategy on how the network could be used in marketing and fundraising. John talks about the origins behind the name of his business, as well as talking about the differences between a personal page and business page and how to create a fan page for your nonprofit: what should be included and how to garner interest. He also talks about the dynamics of getting donations online and how to attract people to a Facebook page.

Segment 2

John Haydon talks how to boost revenue with donor surveys and talks the practices on how to construct these surveys to be effective. They stress the importance of catering the interests of the donors and keeping things simple in communication, allowing the donors to be active participants in the mission of the nonprofit. The talks continue with the dynamics of active communication with donors, John outlining industry standards for how to make a web page more appealing and accessible to potential donors, emphasizing appealing to the emotional side of people, which will majorly drive the action. Make sure donors feel heard.