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Friday, March 20, 2020

2020/03/20 - Your Organization’s Health

Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95

[EPISODE] Your Organization’s Health

Your Organization’s Health At ZERO, The End of Prostate Cancer, they have a culture grounded in high responsibility, high freedom, transparency, accountability, curiosity and adaptability. They’re a Nonprofit Times 50 Best Places To Work. Jamie Bearse is ZERO’s CEO.

Segment 1  Tony introduces the guest, Jamie Bearse, who explains the mission of ZERO and explains where they find a lot of their funding and support, as well as how the culture in their organization helps further their goals. Segment 2 Jamie explains the meaning of high responsibility in his organization which contains aspects of honesty, vulnerability, communication and humility, and also explains where and when these ideas of running his nonprofit initially formed. He then explains the concept of high freedom, giving hard-working employees the autonomy to establish a work-life balance as well as HHS: Humble, Hungry, and Smart. Segment 3 The talk steers towards forming stronger bonds between colleagues through vulnerability-based trust, hiring and selection through identifying the qualities of HHS. Segment 4  Jamie explains their company’s informal employee evaluation and the process in which feedback is given. The talk shifts again towards ‘high freedom’, Jamie explaining more nuances in the practice on a broader scale within the company. Tony closes the show by asking how Jamie applies his company’s policies with virtual employees and further explaining the concept of over-communication.