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Friday, March 20, 2020

2020/03/20 - Crisis Mode!

[EPISODE] Crisis Mode!

Everyday things are changing. So it is for business. Tune in for a frank discussion about how it is for local businesses on the front lines in this time of change with my guest Sylvie Bertrand owner of Le Paddock Brooklyn.
Segment 1  Jeremiah opens the show with the message of the week, “'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”, and also chatting with the owner of a neighboring business about the true nature of running your own business especially in times like these. They emphasize perseverance and having a good attitude through it all while also talking about their current experiences as restaurant owners with the policies instituted in New York City.  Segment 2  The conversation continues with the two discussing the importance of transparency right now, the situation in New York on a ground level and the current rising importance of take-out apps, also how after all of this people will see the necessity of smaller local businesses and restaurants, the two sharing an anxiety on how this will affect the small business scene as well as their own restaurants.  Segment 3 The two talk about their surprise at the warmth and reception from the public about their situations, having thick skin and keeping a high morale first and foremost, Jeremiah talking about his history working in the food business and valuable lessons he’s learned from those experiences, the two wishing their fellow entrepreneurs well. Segment 4  Jeremiah urges listeners to pick their five favorite restaurants, support them, and then urge their five closest friends to do the same, helping who they want to see survive after all of this. The talk continues with private businesses supporting each other and not relying on the lawmakers and powers-that-be for support and fending for yourself when necessary.