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Friday, March 13, 2020

2020/03/13 - Sexual Harassment In Nonprofits

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[EPISODE] Sexual Harassment In Nonprofits

Sexual Harassment In Nonprofits It’s everywhere. Our community is no exception. In this week when the Harvey Weinstein sentencing is scheduled, we return to the perspective from late October 2017, when the allegations against him had just gone public. Attorney Lisa Brauner provides legal perspective for women and organizations. She’s a partner at Perlman+Perlman in New York City.

Segment 1  Tony introduces the guest, Lisa Brauner, and they begin the talk on sexual harassment within nonprofits, talking from the perspective of the organization as well as the individual perspective, starting with prevention, Lisa describing what should be included in a policy against it. Segment 2  This segment begins with Tony reading off stories of sexual harassment from women who work in nonprofits, the two continues on who should be covered by the policies set in place against harassment which should be extended to include people who aren’t members of the organization. The topic transitions to training for both employees and supervisors, Lisa talking through the steps to which one can prevent these occurrences.  Segment 3 Lisa continues on about the necessity of training, noting a focus on prevention, on combating retaliation and discrimination outside of these issues. Tony continues telling more stories of sexual misconduct, the two then talking about the protection of non-US-citizen workers and insurance coverage. Lisa gives a detailed description on ‘retaliation’, noting how these are prevented by the law, the talk moving towards combating it lawfully. Segment 4  Tony tells another story about an attendee at a conference, which brings the conversation to sexual misconduct outside of the office, Lisa speaking to how these events should be reported. The show closes with Lisa’s final thoughts and her suggestions for how nonprofits can work through these issues and how individuals can stand up against it.