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Friday, March 6, 2020

2020/03/06 - Your Board As Relationship Fundraisers & Maria's Free Resources

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[EPISODE] Your Board As Relationship Fundraisers & Maria's Free Resources

Your Board As Relationship Fundraisers There's more to board fundraising than parlor evenings and give/get. Your members can engage your networks and build relationships around giving. Peter Heller shows you how. He's principal of Heller Fundraising Group. Maria's Free Resources They're for foundation research and for campaign contributions. Maria Semple unlocks their treasures. She's our prospect research contributor and The Prospect Finder.

Segment 1

Tony introduces the first guest, Peter Heller, who begins defining strong relationships between board members and donors, noting how they can go beyond the transactional and monetary, emphasizing getting board members excited about what’s going on in the business, the mission, and how it can affect the community, helping them see the positive future of the organization and the community. 

Segment 2

Heller highlights how board members and nonprofit leaders get into the mindset where they think less on their own futures and more on what impact the organization is going to have in the community. He talks about what he believes should be central in every meeting: a fundraising agenda through cultural philanthropy, a discussion on how fundraising works, and how to increase a board member’s understanding on their impact on the community.

Segment 3

Tony introduces the second guest, Maria Semple, who gives an overview of, listing a couple tools and key features that make the site a reliable and dependable source for prospecting, and how the website can put into practical use with board members.

Segment 4

Maria continues overviewing before transitioning into how can be used for proactive prospecting, but due to anti-soliciting laws, she suggests it as a purely resource to cross-check current donors to assess their current statuses as political contributors, that being done by name or state. Maria informs listeners about upcoming conferences, the APRA Summer Conference, and more regionally, leaving dates for the APRA DC and APRA Midwest conferences, and the APRA Greater New York Chapter at Prospect Con 2020.