Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

Friday, February 28, 2020

2020/02/28 - Get To The Next Level

Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95% [EPISODE] Get To The Next Level Stop overlooking investment-level giving opportunities because you're spending too much time on events and Facebook ads. Sherry Quam Taylor walks through how to start your major giving program or how to fine tune and kick it up a notch. She's a fundraising consultant and coach.

Segment 1:

The show begins with Tony introducing the guest, Sherry Quam Taylor, who begins speaking to what circumstances bring non-profit businesses to her services in the first place and where she comes in in this process, as she also offers her own thoughts on why some non-profits are stunted in their search for donors.

Segment 2:

Sherry gives her advice, in a fitting step-by-step process, specifically the first two, for how to get the most they can out of their donors, outlining being comfortable talking about investment and building personal relationships with donors and the vital importance of budgeting.

Segment 3:

This segment Sherry talks crafting and creating great donor experiences, suggesting to plan ahead and allocate time towards focusing on more fruitful ventures to increase the value and consistency of gifts, adding to exceed expectations when giving thanks, the segment ending with what she thinks one should have in hand during a solicitation.

Segment 4:

Continuing with the step-by-step, Sherry talks about increasing the number of donors, speaking to the board’s role in building strategies, but also warns to not wait on your board as an executive, showcasing the importance of modelling the process and plan to the board. The show closes with her final step: the solicitation.