Beyond Potential

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

2019/12/10 - Dropping the Ball

Live Life Your Way!. [EPISODE] Dropping the Ball Join me this week when I speak with Jen Slaw, a keynote speaker and a professional juggler as she speaks about Dropping the Ball, What does that mean? How do you drop the ball? Dropping the ball is a very subtle experience. One day becomes two and three, four, and before you know, you're out of the game. As a personal life coach, many clients have completely lost connection with the ball. They say things like I have to get back to exercising or my diet. When asked about the last time they worked out, it sounds like a few weeks. However, when I coach deeper, they see that it been years, not weeks or a month. However, in their minds, it is weeks or days or months, their brain has erased the last time. my job is to reconnect my clients back to their ball.
Segment 1 Noreen start off the show talking about her past weekend, she talks about how she received love from others and her feelings towards her mother that passed away Saturday. Then she introduces her guest, Jen Slaw. Jen started juggling when she’s in sixth grade and she continued juggling since then. Jen got pay juggling since high school and even pay off her college juggling. Jen then talks about why she decided to study engineering in college and how she came to New York and work as an engineering.   Segment 2 Noreen came back asking Jen how she realized engineering is not right for her. Jen talks about how she felt bored at her engineering job and everybody around her notice that. Then she finally decided to perform and do juggling. Jen left the company and she felt relief, she feels happy when she juggles. Jen also talks about her family and friends around her never judge her as a juggler because she enjoyed it and she’s actually making money from it. Jen then talks about the meaning of Dropping the ball. Sometimes you have to let things go in order to move on like juggling balls.  Segment 3 Noreen came back asking Jen about how juggling is like our life. Jen says that juggling seem to be doing multiple things but it is actually concentrating on only one thing, to balance the balls. Then they talk about to balance life, to give space to work, family, and social life. Jen then talks about how she will teach people how to juggle in Lunch Lady and Noreen adds to it can also teach people to view those balls as different parts of their life and try to balance it and pick it up after dropping it.  Segment 4 Noreen came back asking Jen have she ever imagine her life today. Jen talks about how she had picture the life of herself in high school she been thinking to follow her dream and she did it today. Jen then talks about the importance of going to the right company and working with the right partner. Jen also talks about how she taught her child juggling at home. Noreen then talks about how juggling is also related to connecting with people that you only met a few times.