The Conscious Consultant Hour

Thursday, November 7, 2019

2019/11/07 - Standing Up For Ourselves Is A Full Time Job


Sam Liebowitz, will discuss all types of topics to help you raise your awareness

[EPISODE] Standing Up For Ourselves Is A Full Time Job

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, it's just you and Sam as he discusses how we can transform our lives by standing up for ourselves and taking responsibility.

They are two sides fo the same coin, and they can be magical allies when it comes to changing our lives for the better.

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Segment 1

Sam begins the show with the quote “If I could pick only one super power, it would be to have your insights”. He reads between the lines, and explains how he interprets the quote. He believes that we all have super powers. Sam follows up his explanation by reading a quote by Abraham. Sam goes on by discussing the super power of gratitude. He delves into a conversation about gratitude and self-appreciation. He focuses on how everything about ourselves (even the bad) has served us at some point. He believes that we should recognize and accept all aspects of ourselves so it will serve us in our lives today. He ends the segment by discussing how being in a state of appreciation helps us to be better at life. 

Segment 2

Sam starts this segment by introducing today’s topic: Standing Up For Ourselves. He goes into great detail about what standing up for yourself really means. He explains how it is not about blaming someone else; it is about honoring our feelings and what we want. Interestingly enough, he goes into a discussion about how at times we have to stand up for ourselves to ourselves. Sam then shares a short story about a recent incident with his mentor where he needed to stand up for himself. The conversation shifts into the topic of bullying. Sam shares a couple more short stories about events in the past where he needed to stand up for himself. The segment ends with Sam telling the audience to stand up for themselves even with small/insignificant things.

Segment 3

Sam opens this segment by discussing his situation with his mentor. He explains how he had to stand up for himself to his mentor (after the fact). He begins a discussion on responsibilities and how we should take responsibility for ourselves and our reactions. Accepting responsibility is (again) not about fault. Taking responsibility is about owning your power in any given situation. Sam talks about how growth, and how we grow more when we face challenges. Sam starts talking about boundaries, and how we should set boundaries for ourselves; however, if we don’t we still have to own it. The segment ends with Sam discussing how we should own the choices we have made and take responsibility for our lives. He believes once this is done, we can truly stand up for ourselves. 

Segment 4

Sam continues by discussing how we can change our own lives by standing up for ourselves. He explains how standing up for ourselves will have an adjustment period, for you as well as others in your life. Sam explores how the behavior of a person is wrong, not the actual person themselves. Sam gives examples of how you can stand up for yourself in a respectful manner. He says your response should be proportional to the situation. The show ends with Sam by telling the audience about how standing up for yourself requires strength.