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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

2019/09/03 - The Coochie Coach

Live Life Your Way! [EPISODE] The Coochie Coach Join Noreen Sumpter as she mashes it up with Nikki BrownThe Coochie Coach. Nikki is on a mission to have candid, authentic conversations transform women's conversation around sex and intimacy. Nikki says, “When people say, ‘Well, you need to do it this way,' or ‘You need to be quiet. Lower your voice,' I say, ’Take it up to the Creator 'cause I ain't got shit to do with that.'  This show is going to be fun, funny, yummy, juicy, and wet. If you are squeamish and have tender ears, this show might not be for you.
Segment 1
Noreen kicks off the show by talking about how moving often affects her in strange ways. Noreen introduces Nikki and the two talk about her background and her own stories of moving around New York City. Noreen talks about the difference between London and New York and how she loves the city. Nikki discusses how she got into her career and how it’s taboo to talk about women’s sexuality. Segment 2 Nikki talks about her upbringing and how her family decided to take different paths. Noreen and Nikki talk about the different ways to refer to a “vagina” and that not only women, but everyone was told it was taboo to use that word. The two talk about what was “allowed” in their families regarding when to have sex. Nikki says that one of her favorite ways to refer to the female anatomy, is “pocket book.” Nikki talks about how dangerous it can be for women to ignore their gynecologist office because of fear of being judged or unempowered. She continues about the different ways to take care of yourself. Segment 3 Nikki picks up where she left off by talking about vaginal health and wellness. She kicks it off by talking about the difference between showers and baths. She talks about going to the spa and taking days of restoration to take care of yourself. Nikki continues by talking about how her life is an open book and that there is no judgement. She continues about harassment and sexual abuse that is so common today. To start you have to acknowledge that something has happened and that it was wrong. Nikki talks about how important it is to have allies as women, and people we can go to. Noreen asks Nikki about the difference between the way sex is represented in America verses other countries. Segment 4 Nikki starts again by telling women to look at their own vaginas, and investigate on their own bodies. Both Noreen and Nikki talk about masterbation, and sensory feeling, and feeling shameful about it. Nikki talks about the importance of figuring it out on your own to know what you enjoy when you are with a partner. They talk about how your vagina changes as you get older, and after having children. Nikki talks about how she uses her mother as her guide and the myth of vaginas changing for the worse as you get older. Nikki talks about what she’s up to, and what she’s looking forward to, including a new magazine.