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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

2019/08/20 - You Have To Be Able To Kick Some Arse Because Your Life Depends On It

Live Life Your Way!.   [EPISODE] You Have To Be Able To Kick Some Arse Because Your Life Depends On It Join Noreen Sumpter this week as she mashes it up with Thom Schuchaskie about fighting, women and self-defense. There is a need for women to not only protect themselves mentally and emotionally but also physically. Self-defense is being able to protect yourself and fight, being able to stand up for yourself and recognize when there is a creepy person that is doing manipulative plays and behaving in ways which can catch you off guard where you could be harmed.
Segment 1: 
Noreen recaps her week back after being in London. She says she’s been relaxing for the most part and doing what she loves to do. Noreen then introduces her guest Thom Schuchaskie, who teaches self-defense and runs a primitive and wilderness awareness school. He’s been involved with martial arts in twenty-five years. He’s been spans of time in the forest living off of the land and foraging. Thom talks about the importance of being aware of these wilderness skills. He then goes into his background, which initially began with modeling for companies such as Armani. He transitioned then into self-defense programs and teaching kids. 

Segment 2: 

Thom then ventured to Kenya after being a stay at home dad for a number of years. He learned a lot while he was in Kenya, especially about being aware of your surroundings. When he got back to NYC, he went into tracking school where he learned more about avoiding danger. Noreen met Thom at a Yelp event and they connected on the aspect of self-defense for women. Thom talks about the aspect of control and violence that comes with the aspect of fighting. Thom says that he avoids these actions and works to teach people to end fighting as quickly as possible and get out of the situation.  Thom got into teaching women when he had his daughter and did some reading about protection. He also takes his teaching everyday life in social interactions and having safe relationships with people. He has seen that men are told to be the aggressor in the situation, while women haven’t and this can leave them with a lack of power in situations with men. He works to teach women to be more aggressive and avoid being a target. This needs to start with teachings kids at a young age about these values. One important aspect of this is demonstrating the value of “no” and that it really means “no” when people say it.

Segment 3: 

Noreen continues her conversation with Thom about self-defense and shares a personal story about one of his students. Thom talks about the importance of “No” and the fact that we need to learn to say it and move along. Thom continues the conversation by talking about the things that women can do to protect themselves and the fact that it’s still going on today. Noreen and Thom talk about what is and what isn’t an “accident” in public spaces, and Thom continues on having mental and physical confidence. He talks about the actual stances anyone can take in an effort to use self-defense.

Segment 4: 

Thom explains to Noreen that self-defense needs to come from a place of love. Love for yourself and those who care about you. Thom brings back the recurring concept of awareness as self-defense. Thom recalls a story about his daughter. She was on the bus and a fight broke out. His daughter knew that she had to get away from the fight, the fight resulted in knife wounds. Noreen recalls a story about when a man next to the entrance to a building showed her a hypodermic needle.  Noreen says she responded strongly and got away from the situation. Thom talks about how being able to confidently say ‘no’ is important. Most assault and rape comes from someone you know, so learning to say know, especially when it’s socially difficult, is important. In2it is the name of Thom’s business.