The Gov Shack

Thursday, March 7, 2019

2019/03/06 - Impeaching Trump


with host Larry Sharpe

Segment 1 Larry begins tonight's show with the idea of impeaching Donald Trump. Larry stresses how impeachment would be a distraction and further polarize the country. Larry explains how Cohen's testimony can be seen as Democrats testing if impeachment makes sense in the court of public opinion. The first caller brings up gun control in New York State. Larry explains the flaws in red flag laws and how people may be not seek mental health care to avoid triggering red flag laws.

Segment 2 Larry describes how the Safe Act and Red Flag laws have negative consequences for responsible gun owners. Larry notes how we should not require new Red Flag Laws to further enforce gun control. The second caller shares his appreciation for Larry's commitment.  Larry shares his hope that people in both parties will take his best ideas to bring them to fruition.

Segment 3 Larry explains how forcing one's views on others is a problem in our country. The third caller asks at what point young people should involve themselves in politics. Larry emphasizes the importance of guiding principles and encourages people to get involved in politics early. Larry pivots to the flaws in the criminal justice system..

Segment 4 Larry continues his description of the flaws in the criminal justice system. Larry brings up his future activities in NY and if he has any plans to tour the South. He touches on why he wouldn't run against his own representative, AOC.
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