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Thursday, March 7, 2019

2019/03/06 - Captain Marvel vs. Shazam! with Jeff Gomez

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[EPISODE #160]  Captain Marvel vs Shazam! with Jeff Gomez We preview the new Marvel and DC flicks and pit the trailers against each other alongside Starlight Runner’s Jeff Gomez. PLUS: Will Captain Marvel be the next Wonder Woman? Tune in to learn more!
Segment 1
  Michael and Hassan are joined by Jeff Gomez as they discuss Captain Marvel. They begin with the animosity in the build up to Captain Marvel's release. Jeff notes how Starlight Runner monitors fan behavior and describes how fans are reacting to the actor and not the character Captain Marvel. They discuss how negative social media affects films and how our social media culture in some ways encourages controversy.   Segment 2   Jeff, Hassan, and Michael compare Captain Marvel and Shazam based on the trailers. Jeff share his impressions after seeing Captain Marvel. They describe Warner Brothers’ approach to Shazam and unpack how Shazam has been marketed with humor at the forefront. The guys tell which film they are most excited to see based on their trailers. Segment 3   Jeff shares his love of Ultraman and Godzilla in his youth. Jeff describes his current Ultraman project and the challenges of reintroducing the character to Western popular culture. Michael and Hassan weigh in on how it can be difficult to modernize older series for new audiences. They list examples of films that have succeeded or failed in fulfilling fans’ wishes.   Segment 4   Jeff brings up his project Magnificent Revengers, an upcoming Western show and how it plans to immerse audiences in a unique way. Spinning The Racks: New Mutants release on Disney+. Jeff, Michael, and Hassan speculate about how New Mutants will be received. Jeff weighs in on whether to stick around for the Captain Marvel post credits scenes.