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Thursday, February 28, 2019

2019/02/27 - Post-Oscars Hangover with Special Guest: Deadpool Co-creator Fabian Nicieza!

[EPISODE] Post-Oscars Hangover with Special Guest: Deadpool Co-creator Fabian Nicieza!

It's our Post-Oscars hangover with Special Guest: Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza! Did Black Panther shock the world? Did Into The SpiderVerse Deliver Oscar Gold? We discuss and debate!

Segment 1

Fabian Nicieza joins the show to recap this year's Oscars. Michael, Fabian, and Hassan weigh in on the Best Picture and Best Director results. Hassan mentions how Bohemian Rhapsody didn't stick to the band's history but he was happy with the Best Actor win for Rami Malek. They touch on Spike Lee's reaction to Blackkklansmen losing Best Picture. They note how Green Book may have won for being a safe choice, a film about race through the eyes of a white man. Segment 2 Michael, Hassan, and Fabian pivot to Black Panther's Academy Award wins. Fabian notes that awards don't matter because the movie made over $1B and entertained audience worldwide. They debate whether comic book movies need critical acclaim to validate them beyond box office numbers. Michael celebrates Spiderman's Oscar win; but Hassan reiterates that the Oscars don't matter. Fabian explains how Spiderverse’s success may lead studios to produce better quality animated superhero films. Segment 3 Michael asks Fabian about how it feels to see his character Deadpool and its reception by the public. Fabian shares his appreciation for the Deadpool movie franchise; but reflects that it hasn't changed him too much. They exchange Ryan Reynolds stories. Fabian describes his beginnings at Marvel and his work with Rob Liefeld. They discuss X-Force and other notable projects from Fabian's career. Segment 4 Michael brings up The Cyclops debate. Fabian breaks down his position on Cyclops and why he sees it as a non debate with Gail Simone. Spinning The Racks: The guys react to DC Comic recent announcement of publishing cutbacks. They speculate about the future, viability, and economics of the comics industry.