Secrets Of The Sire

Thursday, February 21, 2019

2019/02/20 - Oscar Predictions Sure To Go Wrong!

[EPISODE] Oscar Predictions Sure To Go Wrong! The Oscar race is HEATING UP! Into The SpiderVerse is tracking WAY up, but the real question is whether Black Panther can go where no Comic book movie has gone before? We tell you why it CAN! PLUS: The Captain Marvel reviews are in and they are..? We talk CONTROVERSY with Destiny NY creator Pat Shand.
Segment 1 Michael and Hassan are joined by Pat Shand. They begin tonight’s show discussing early reactions to Captain Marvel. They compare Captain Marvel’s marketing to Black Panther’s marketing. They consider whether Captain Marvel will be a groundbreaking film for featuring a female lead. They speculate on how Marvel should best incorporate Captain Marvel into the upcoming Avengers film and how Marvel should avoid having her be a deus ex machina. Segment 2 Hassan, Michael, and Pat discuss Pat’s project Destiny NY before continuing their Captain Marvel discussion. They touch on the tribute to Stan Lee in the film and the post credits scene. They weigh in on the trolls sabotaging Captain Marvel’s rating on Rotten Tomatoes before the movie has even been released. They discuss issues of inclusion and how the message is often delivered in the world of comic movies. Segment 3 The guys pivot to Black Panther and Into The Spiderverse being nominated for Oscars. They note how Black Panther represents the first comic book film to be nominated for Best Picture. Michael, Pat, and Hassan debate Black Panther’s chances to win. They bring up the campaign spending this Oscar season and whether Netflix films should be considered for the Oscars.   Segment 4 Spinning The Racks: The guys react to the Jessica Jones and Punisher cancellations. Pat, Michael, and Hassan speculate whether Punisher or any Netflix series will come back on different networks. The guys finish the show with their Oscar predictions.