The Gov Shack

Thursday, February 14, 2019

2019/02/13 - Healthcare and Foreign Policy


with host Larry Sharpe   [NEW EPISODE] Healthcare and Foreign Policy Join Larry Sharpe Wednesday night, February 13th, at 9pm ET on The Guv Shack LIVE! In this show, we'll talk about the issues that are affecting New York and the nation, personally and politically. Listen in LIVE and ask questions by chat or phone. Segment 1 Larry begins tonight discussing whether healthcare and healthcare insurance are rights. Larry brings up the NY education system as an example of how government systems can let us down. He demonstrates how healthcare could go wrong in the same way as education has in NY state. He discusses the need to reform the healthcare system so people have access to good healthcare.   Segment 2 Larry announces his March 14th event in Dutchess County. Larry discusses the red blue split in most states. He explains the rural(red) vs. city(blue) dichotomy that exists in America. He breaks down the fallout from the 2008 crash and how it has led to urbanization, pushing the country to the left. Larry weighs in on universal basic income and the flaws he sees in the idea.   Segment 3 Larry announces his March 24th event in Jackson Heights, Queens. Larry sets expectations for the Liberty movement for 2019-2020. He pushes for Libertarian impact in Congressional races and 1 gold state in the upcoming presidential election. He stresses how Libertarian impact will cause the two main parties to improve. Larry then touches on cybersecurity and how best to protect information.   Segment 4 Larry pivots to foreign policy; he describes how American foreign policy diverts too much from more important domestic issues. He explains how America has withstood previous threats like 9/11 and how we should not allow fear to fuel perpetual war. He recommends trade as a foreign policy and shows how embargoes have failed. He concludes with thoughts on campaign finance reform.