Secrets Of The Sire

Thursday, February 7, 2019

2019/02/06 - 2019 Super Bowl Trailer Madness

Comics, Pop Culture, Movies and More! [EPISODE]  2019 Super Bowl Trailer Madness Did the Avengers: Endgame Super Bowl Trailer Edit Out a Character? The Bud Knight Had To Die" – how the best Super Bowl crossover commercial got us even more stoked for the final season of #GameofThrones We break down the Super Bowl #trailers and #commercials. Did the #CaptianMarvel Superbowl trailer go Higher, Further, Faster and for you? We discuss!
Segment 1 Michael and Hassan begin the show discussing their reactions to this past weekend’s Super Bowl. Michael brings up how sports is an analogy for politics and how people root more often for those they dislike than for teams they actually like. They pivot to the trailers that debuted during what Hassan calls “the ball game”. The guys bring up the characters shown in the Avengers Endgame trailer and try to predict which character was edited from the trailer. Segment 2 Hassan and Michael question whether trailers are manipulated to create hype around a film. They bring up Spiderman: Far from Home, debate whether it will be a prequel, and if Spiderman was the character missing from Endgame. They move on to the new Captain Marvel trailer and consider whether the trailer did anything to increase the hype for the film. Michael mentions how he was impressed with Alita: Battle Angel. Hassan brings up James Cameron’s previous successful movies and his expectations for Alita.   Segment 3 Michael gives his opinion on the best Super Bowl commercial this year. Hassan and Michael debate whether the Bud Knight/Game of Thrones crossover was the best commercial. Hassan brings up the one mistake he noticed in the Mountain’s costume. They discuss the decision for the Bud Knight to die on screen. Michael waxes poetic about Bud Light, its role in his life, and how the commercial made him want to continue drinking Bud Light.    Segment 4 Spinning The Racks: The guys react to a Sioux Falls. man was arrested for cosplaying as Mr. Freeze and yelling cold weather puns. Hassan and Michael admire the man’s prep work, the cold weather puns, and commitment to the character. They briefly touch on the Super Bowl Stella Artois commercial. They finish the show with reactions to Rob Liefeld’s departure from Netflix.