The Gov Shack

Thursday, January 31, 2019

2019/01/30 - Guns, Kids, and The Economy


with host Larry Sharpe
[NEW EPISODE] Guns, Kids, and the Economy Join Larry Sharpe Wednesday night, January 30th, at 9 P.M. ET on The Gov Shack LIVE! In this show, we'll talk about the issues that are affecting New York and the nation, personally and politically.
Segment 1 Larry begins tonight’s show with an call for Libertarians to register in NY; the goal is 100,000 registered Libertarians in NY State to make the country take notice. He pivots to guns laws and how the focus on gun laws takes attention away from other issues such as the opioid crisis and abortion. With the first caller, he discusses how Libertarians seek the freedom for people to be how they want to be, free from coercion to live a certain way as imposed by government. Segment 2 Larry talks about the flawed ballot and the 100,000 voided votes. Larry compares his efforts to Robin Hood and affirms his commitment to continue growing the Libertarian party. With his second caller, Larry delves into the national and state debt problems. Larry offers solutions to stimulate commerce and open trade. He mentions that America should close some military bases around the world and ending the war on terror as potential ways to lower spending.    Segment 3 Larry discusses healthcare and how it is separate from healthcare insurance. He emphasizes the need for transparency in healthcare to reduce costs. With the third caller, Larry touches on cybersecurity and infrastructure security, specifically the importance of decentralization infrastructure to prevent widespread issues should any malfunction occur. With the fourth caller, Larry discusses the issues of mental health and suicide, and why dealing these issues is so central to his mission. Segment 4 With the fifth caller, Larry offers advice about how to deliver a poignant message to college students on campus. Larry outlines the importance of conversation rather than arguments to introduce new minds to liberty minded ideas. With sixth caller, Larry discusses Rensselaer County and provides recommendations for how to grow the Libertarian movement.