Secrets Of The Sire

Thursday, January 24, 2019

2019/01/23 - Glass Review and Brainchild

Comics, Pop Culture, Movies and More! [Episode #154] Glass Review and Netflix's Brainchild Was your half-empty or half-full? We give you OUR thoughts tonight. A King Has Risen! breaks cultural and POP-CULTURAL boundaries with its best Picture Nom. Will it win (it won't... but it's nice to be in the conversation) Can you make science and learning cool for kids? The folks at Netflix’s “Brainchild” sure can! We welcome creators Jerry Kolber and Jason Williams in studio!
Segment 1 Joining Michael and Hassan today are producers Jerry Kolber and Jason Williams from Netflix’s popular kids show “Brainchild.” To start off the night, the guys talk about the Oscar nominations for Black Panther (Best Picture) & Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse (Best Animated). Will a Marvel film finally win the biggest Academy Award? Plus, which all-time comic book film should have been nominated (and won) Best Picture before Black Panther and is the Oscar voting process fixed? Segment 2 Michael and Hassan continue their conversation with Jerry Kolber and Jason Williams from Netflix’s Brainchild. They discuss how the process of creating the educational program and how they were able to connect well with children. Jerry and Jason then talk about their own day-to-day roles, why they love producing a show for kids, and the incredible cast they get to work with every episode. Also, how Jason’s 14-year old daughter influences the script of the show and the importance of teaching kids about social media. Segment 3 Hassan plays “Brainchild Jeopardy” with producers Jerry Kolber and Jason Williams. Who will win this wild game? SPOILER: No one. Michael didn’t keep score! Segment 4 Spinning The Racks: While everyone’s exciting to see the new Ghostbusters film, actress Leslie Jones is not quite feeling it. The guys also give their opinion about why the reboot film wasn’t as good as the other Ghostbusters movie, even though it was a great idea.