Secrets Of The Sire

Thursday, December 6, 2018

2018/12/05 - The Wonder Woman Treatment

Comics, Pop Culture, Movies and More! [EPISODE] The Wonder Woman Treatment The new Captain Marvel trailer has HIT - we give you our immediate reactions and review and ask the question: Is this Film Getting The Wonder Woman Treatment? PLUS: Netflix has axed Daredevil! We sound off and run down the Worst TV Cancellations in history. AND: We welcome Mitch Hyman creator of cult horror hit Bubba The Redneck Werewolf to talk about his next horror project! Listen in to find out more on this episode of Secrets of the Sire.
Segment #1: Michael and Hassan begin the show reacting to the new Captain Marvel trailer. Both of them believe that based on the trailer alone the film itself will turn out to be okay and not as good as other Marvel movies. While Hassan isn’t too excited to see this film, Michael still wants to check it out but thinks that the “Wonder Woman” treatment might be used on this film. The boys also talk about what Captain Marvel means for women in lead roles and how the rest of the audience may react to it.   Segment #2: Do people want to see the Captain Marvel film because it’s a part of the MCU? Hassan doesn’t think so but Michael begs to differ. Also, Truth or Trash! Michael and Hassan run through some of the listener reactions to the trailer. You will not be surprised by some of those opinions. Plus, Hassan gives his take on the weakest Marvel trailer and Netflix has pulled the plug on Daredevil. Is Netflix making this move because of the possibility of losing shows to the new Disney streaming platform? Segment #3: More Daredevil reaction as Michael and Hassan hold on to the idea that Netflix is behind all of the Marvel cancellations. Then, Mitch Hyman joins Secrets of the Sire to talk Bubba the Redneck Werewolf, his upcoming film project, and wearing the devil costume. More information on Mitch and his comics: Segment #4: Michael and Hassan debate the top 5 worst TV cancellations of all time. Afterwards, it’s Spinning The Racks: Marvel is developing a Shang-Chi film, which is slated be the first Asian superhero movie franchise produced by the studio. Reactions and the guys try to make people understand that having Shang-Chi movies isn’t much of a breakthrough moment for the Asian community. .