Secrets Of The Sire

Thursday, November 22, 2018

2018/11/21 - The Pop Culture Gravy List of 2018

[EPISODE #145] We Give Thanks To The Pop Culture 2018 It's Thanksgiving! We give you our picks for what we were thankful for in 2018. What are YOU thankful for in 2018? Who makes the cut in our Pop Culture Gravy List and who gets stuffed with a Turkey Leg? Join us for the best of 2018 special! PLUS: We welcome actor and star of "When We Dance the Music Dies” and "Fright NightWilliam Ragsdale alongside director Anthony de Lioncourt for an in-depth discussion on the new indie flick!

Segment 1:

Michael and Hassan begin tonight’s Thanksgiving themed show by listing what they are thankful for this year in pop culture. They rank Infinity War, Black Panther, Ant Man and the Wasp Venom, Solo and all the films that are the gravy of 2018 so far. Michael talks about why Venom was one of the best surprises of the year. Hassan disagrees calling Venom “garbage”. They debate whether these films were hits based on expectations and box office success.  

Segment 2:

Hassan and Michael continue their conversation on the gravy films in 2018. They weigh in on Jurassic World and Mission Impossible. They switch to the turkeys of 2018; the things they are not so grateful for this year. The guys both agree #ComicsGate and The Last Jedi are the top two turkeys of 2018. The Walking Dead makes the turkey list for how they dragged out the Negan storyline.

Segment 3:

Anthony de Lioncourt and William Ragsdale join The Sire to talk about their new film “When We Dance the Music Dies”. Anthony shares what inspired him to create this story. William explains what drew him to the script as an actor. William discusses his memories from Herman’s Head. Anthony and William share their gravy of 2018: William loved Black Panther and Anthony notes Unsane. The guests then list their favorite Thanksgiving dishes before sharing where to find their film.  moments.

Segment 4:

Spinning The Racks: The guys react to the title for the upcoming Birds of Prey movie. Michael brings up the last turkey of 2018: Luke Cage and Iron Fist cancellations. Hassan says the Netflix Marvel universe has become somewhat of a turkey with its inconsistency and weak villains. Michael and Hassan conclude tonight with their favorite Thanksgiving dishes.