Secrets Of The Sire

Thursday, November 15, 2018

2018/11/14-A Tribute to Stan Lee

[EPISODE 144] A Tribute to Stan Lee
Join us as we pay tribute to Stan Lee. We’ll recap the greatest Stan Lee cameos of all time as we celebrate the man himself. Tune in to learn more!
Segment 1 On tonight’s show, Michael and Hassan pay tribute to the legend Stan Lee. They discuss the tremendous impact Stan Lee had on the comic industry and how the world responded to news of his passing. They then reflect on how Stan Lee gave joy to readers through his comics and later on through his cameos in the MCU. They highlight Stan’s skill with writing dialogue and  how he popularized the superhero genre as an allegory for our real lives.   Segment 2 Hassan and Michael continue their tribute by recognizing how central Stan Lee was to Marvel’s success. They are joined by Casey from BadCoyoteFunky, who shares his experience of meeting Stan Lee and getting his Marvel No Prize signed. They pivot to Stan’s many characters. Hassan shares how he saw humanity in the flaws of the Marvel characters Stan created, which allowed him to sympathize more with the characters.     Segment 3 Michael and Hassan count down the best Stan Lee cameos. They debate the best Stan Lee cameos from the past three decades. They react to the outpouring of Excelsior on social media after Stan Lee passed. They consider how the cameos in the Marvel movies elevated Stan’s celebrity later in life. They touch on Stan Lee’s marketing genius. Listen to hear which Stan Lee cameo they think was best!   Segment 4 Spinning The Racks: The guys react to Armie Hammer slamming celebrities for posting pictures with Stan Lee. They debate celebrity motivations for posting pictures with Stan Lee in the aftermath of his death. Michael takes heart in how celebrities are in awe of a comics legend. Hassan and Michael consider their own tributes to Stan Lee on social media and reflect on their motivations. They conclude with their thanks to Stan Lee for his influence on their lives and careers.