Poker Divas

Thursday, October 25, 2018

2018/10/25 - Mixing Up Your Game

[EPISODE] Mixing Up Your Game On this episode we talk about how to mix up your game whether you’re at the poker table or the conference table.  In poker we are constitently mixing up our game based on the different personalities we are playing against , our  financial situation like how many chips we have, the type of game we play  and our strengths and weakness.  Businesses and entrepreneurs do the same thing and you’ll hear more about this from our guests. We are excited to talk to Cynthia Hornig and Jennifer Jones the founders of Women You Should Know® a leading digital hub of women's and girls' empowerment.

These women have mixed up their game while supporting and empowering millions women  of women all over the world. They have shared a lot of inspiring stories about women and girls and they have several of their own to share today. They’ll talk about:

  • What happened 4.5 hours before they were set to open up their new business after leaving corporate america
  • What young girls need to do to prepare for the work force today
  • The transition from being  a corporate solider to becoming an entrepreneur
  • How women can use Crowdfunding to make their business dreams a reality
Tune in to learn more!

  Segment 1 

Joining Ellen Leikand on Poker Divas today are special guests Jennifer Jones and Cynthia Hornig, the founders of Women You Should Know. Jennifer and Cynthia discuss how they began their digital media service for women to tell their compelling stories and how creating content was a huge factor in their business.

Segment 2 

Jennifer and Cynthia talk about how we are not quite at equality as of yet and there has been progress but not enough. There has been progress with women beginning to own their own voice. Ellen also talks about women taking responsibility and how women need to learn how to voice it. Jennifer discusses how many young women are frightened or afraid of not having there voices heard or will there ideas be stolen and how important the conversation needs to include men as well and creating a space for men to be involved.

Segment 3 

Jennifer and Cynthia discuss making the leap from corporate to entrepreneurship and the tragic day of 9/11. They both quit there jobs and knew they always wanted to be business owners. They were able to launch their business from their own home. Ellen touches on how their new company Women You Should Fund came about, which was sprung out of the many women using there platform to campaign there agendas.

Segment 4 
Campaigns from a variety different women begin using their platform Women You Should Fund to raise funds for their films, and respective projects. Jennifer and Cynthia talk about how to get more women involved in crowd funding and how women outperform men in crowdfunding. Ellen discuss why women are able to have a successful crowdfund campaign but men outnumber women. Jennifer and Cynthia would like to help women put together their crowdfund campaign. Ellen ask Jennifer and Cynthia about their launch of Empower Laces and how they were able to bring their new product to light. The Empower Laces are a way to perk you up when you are looking down at your feet when having a rough day.