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Thursday, October 18, 2018

2018/10/17 - Robot Chicken, Iron Fist, and Daredevil!

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[EPISODE] Robot Chicken, Iron Fist, and Daredevil! We welcome Emmy Award winning writer Mike Fasolo on to take us behind the scenes of Robot Chicken. He’ll talk collecting statues and season 10. Plus, he'll make fun of Hassan and we all love that.   Daredevil Season 3 Reactions: A Return To Form Or A Bigger Mess Than Before? Was cancelling Iron Fist the best thing that could happen to the character or the biggest mistake #netflix has made? We debate! Tune in to learn more!


Segment 1:  

Michael and Hassan react to the Iron Fist cancellation on Netflix. Michael and Hassan debate about how ending the show was either the right thing for characters of the show or the biggest mistake made by the streaming site. They also explain why the show’s cancellation is a benefit for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Plus, a quick Daredevil Season 3 reaction and how Michael B. Jordan stars in every Marvel film.

Segment 2:

More Daredevil talk as the guys go more in depth on Season 3. Michael and Hassan go through different reviews, which mostly rave the show’s success. Hassan then criticizes the episode length of Marvel shows, the content in general, and the long gaps between seasons. Also, how other Marvel shows like Jessica Jones and Luke Cage continue to expand as Marvel starts up its streaming site. Can the new Marvel streaming service can help connect all superheroes stories together?

Segment 3:

Emmy Award winner Mike Fasolo from Robot Chicken joins the guys as they go behind the scenes of the great comedy series. Fasolo talks Emmy night, Seth Green, writing Season 10, and about the history of the show. Then a game PITCH PLEASE and plugging in Mike’s new podcast.

Segment 4:

Spinning The Racks: The Flash standalone film release pushed back, Ryan Coogler returning to Black Panther as writer-director, a good slate of Marvel films next summer, and what’s with the Googly Eye Bandit?