Secrets Of The Sire

Thursday, October 11, 2018

2018/10/10 - Venom Movie Review & Post NY ComicCon Hangover

[EPISODE 139] Venom Movie Review & Post NY ComicCon Hangover It’s our post NYCC Hangover episode! Did you see the Aquaman trailer? Did you catch the big Star Wars announcement with Jon Favreau? PLUS: How about that record breaking Venom movie? We give you our full review and Easter Eggs. Plus Plus: What’s next for the Venomverse?
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Segment 1 Michael and Hassan begin the show with a review of Venom. They look through different reviews from critics and then give their own take on the film. Both hosts have different feelings on the plot as Hassan questions Michael about the “good parts” to the film and how it was erratic. Plus, is seeing a free movie a waste of time? Segment 2 Michael and Hassan continue the conversation about Venom. They go more in depth about the storyline (SPOILER ALERT!) and explain the areas of the film could have been better for all Venom fans to enjoy. The guys also compare Venom with other movies such as Ant Man and Deadpool. Also, a quick comment on the Easter eggs. Segment 3 The NY ComicCon was last weekend and the guys review the biggest headlines, trailers, and characters of the event. Both Michael and Hassan were very interested in the upcoming Aquaman film as they talk about the aesthetics and potential plot from the five minute preview. Then they both dive into some X-Men talk and worry about the changes that may come to these films following the Disney-Fox merger, including Dark Phoenix. Segment 4 Spinning The Racks: More ComicCon talk as Michael and Hassan debate on James Gunn directing the Suicide Squad sequel. Also, everyone agrees... MORE FEMALE SUPERHEROES!