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Thursday, October 11, 2018

2018/10/10 - 3rd Party Impact

[EPISODE] 3rd Party Impact
Segment 1 Larry returns from his tour of Western New York as he continues his campaign trail. He discusses the problem of suicide in NY state and how incompetent government has made New Yorkers seek to leave the state. Larry talks with callers about his progress and the ways supporters have created their creativity to spread his message. He encourages listeners to continue to support at events and through donations. Segment 2 Larry discusses how the NY gubernatorial election could move the nation forward by showing that a third party can win. He talks about how this could help legitimize third party candidates in the future. He discusses the challenges he has faced with receiving coverage from the mainstream media. Larry then explains how his campaign and victory could help improve both parties in NY State and how the changes could reverberate around the country.    Segment 3 Larry elaborates on his goal of getting businesses to stay and develop in New York. He pivots to the energy problems in New York State. He offers how he will support small businesses throughout NY. He describes how he will remove government regulations that currently impede small business development.     Segment 4 Larry weighs in on his plans for emergency response. From insurance to emergency funds, he explains how he will ensure NY is ready for emergency. He shares his take on education, evaluating funding related to non-traditional schools. Larry emphatically confirms his concern for the whole of NY, not just NYC. He concludes by providing his plans to take care of municipality employees from sanitation workers to teachers to corrections officers.   
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