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Thursday, September 27, 2018

2018/09/27 - The Healer Series Part 4

Hosted by Kai Cole and Dell Henderson, we gather a loving community to practice cultivating MAGIC in our lives. [EPISODE] The Healer Series Part 4 September is a month of Healing. This week Our Daily Magic features profound healers and their special modality of LAUGHTER:
--> Marilyn Levin of --> Josh Paled of --> Devorah Riga of The Infinite World GameIn the final week of The Healer Series month, we discuss how laughter can help with healing tremendously. Marilyn, Josh, and Devorah share with us how laughing can transmute energy and also situations. They are share some magic to incorporate laughing in your daily life.
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Segment 1

A good laugh and a long sleep is the two best cures for anything. Dell and Kai introduced Marilyn Levin, Joshua Paled, and Devorah Riga who gives their insights on themselves and what the quote of the means to them. Marilyn explains how laughter plays a specific role in her life. Devorah explains she’s bringing back laughter and joy in her life in the present time frame.

Segment 2

Joshua talks about a rough part in his life where he lost his sense of humor before he become a comedian. He explains how he started to slowly regard his sense of humor. Dell related to what Joshua said because he went through some of the same difficulties. Marilyn shares her story about what happened to her before the last presidential election. Devorah talks about breaking up common patterns.

Segment 3

Joshua talks about how he’s funny at the most inappropriate moments. He talks about something that happen at a young age. He express how life isn’t all about mourning, but to look at life differently. Devorah talks about how there is so much death in this country and having laughter is a good way of countering that negative flow. Marilyn explains how the society honor the constrictions in life and how we should honor the expansion.

Segment 4

The continue discussion of laughter. Dell express about how serious spirituality is. He talks about how there is light and darkness around us and inside us. Kai talks about the aspects of light and darkness. Devorah talks about a spiritual journey that she went through. In closing, Joshua, Devorah, and Marilyn gave out where you can find them as well as watching out for some events.