Our Daily Magic

Thursday, September 20, 2018

2018/09/20 - The Healer Series Part 3

Hosted by Kai Cole and Dell Henderson, we gather a loving community to practice cultivating MAGIC in our lives. [EPISODE] The Healer Series Part 3 September is a month of Healing. This week Our Daily Magic features profound healers:
Join us as we have an in depth discussion on the healing practices that Stacy, Kelle, and Chris utilizes. They also discuss different ways they use their abilities to get through personal blocks they have.
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Segment 1:
Kai and Dell open with the quote from Anonymous. She introduce Stacy Zemen, Kelly Sparta, and Chris Dawson. Each of them discuss what the quote of the weeks means to each of them. Chris talks about journaling and how it’s her favorite ritual, trying to connect to self. You eventually lose your connection to self. Journaling can be seen as a healing process. Chris talks about the many journals that she had done over the years. Kelly explains the reason why she journal stuff. How journaling can be a security blanket.
Segment 2:
Stacy talks about gratitude. She explains about how people can feel more grateful and it brings her peace. She explains her ritual about the psychic reading and who she calls upon before she does any of her readings. Dell talks about the many journals he has and what he writes each of those journals. Kelly talks about how people are waking up exhausted and how it’s important to take a break.
Segment 3:
Kai opens the discussion of community building. Stacy talks about the importance of community. and what can cause the community to collapse. She also talks about how people should ask for help, and be around people that give off positive vibes.
Segment 4:
The continued discussion of community building. Kelly talks about how she found the community that she is in and she explains how a community should be able to find themselves on their own. Kelly talks about the different people she had meet and the different energy that they bring into a community. She discusses how talking to other people can bring a positive effect on your life. Stacy opens up on how she meets with a women group, once a month, where you can feel refreshed and find people of your “tribe”. Going into these type of groups can rejuvenate your spirit and well-being. Chris explains how you should know whether or not you need the help. It’s ok to reach out for assistance.