Our Daily Magic

Thursday, September 13, 2018

2018/09/13 - The Healer Series Part 2

Hosted by Kai Cole and Dell Henderson, we gather a loving community to practice cultivating MAGIC in our lives. [EPISODE] The Healer Series Part 2 September is a month of Healing. This week Our Daily Magic features profound healers:
--> Magaly LaMadrid of --> Jennifer Ching Lopez of --> Erica Krysta of Join us as we have an in depth discussion on the healing practices that Magaly, Jennifer, and Erica utilizes in their spiritual/personal life. They also discuss different ways on how to stay in your power while being of healing services of others. 
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Segment 1
Dell  and Kai discuss the magic quote of the day "Everything Heals" and announce their  special guests Magaly La Madrid, Jennifer Ching Lopez, and Erica Krysta. Jennifer talks about what brought her back to joy was higher vibration and the Law of Attraction.Her power source is other human beings and her passion for helping others. She discusses physical, sexual abuse and verbal abuse and how she fell in love with herself and began to heal herself.She had to release fear.As your vibration goes up people tend to fall out of your life.
Segment 2
Erica Discusses her journey of self love and how she began to use meditation to heal her degenerative disease. How she recognized her gift ,and  if she can heal herself she can heal others. Magaly talks about what made her change her life after she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and how miserable and angry she was. Doctors told her that their was no cure and she prayed to God and a revelation came to her that she was going to heal herself. Magaly began healing herself, changing diet and quit her job. She still has the autoimmune disease but not the physical aspects of it. She began to learn how to love and heal herself from the abuse she endured in the past. Magaly touches on how when she was younger she discovered tarot cards and in her teens she would have intuitive dreams. That lead her on the path of healing herself and others. Jennifer discovered her gifts while she endured a physical abusive relationship and she asked for a sign and she saw an image of Lady Guadalupe and was told to search for a retreat and was lead to Sedona. Jennifer flew to Sedona and was in a place  with many Shamans and things changed for her and she realized she was a healer.
Segment 3
Erica discusses how her Grandmother and mother were Doctors of Metaphysics, and how she was able to feel peoples sicknesses very early on in her life. She was lost, panic attacks and she became ill. She took it upon herself to learn transcendental meditation and surround herself with people who were like minded and journey of healing. Magaly, protects herself spiritually by sage, visualization, carrying crystals and staying centered. Also knowing your triggers and shielding yourself from negative energy. Erica protects herself by calling on her Archangels, praying, sage and crystals.Jennifer protects herself spiritually by touching and learning how to stand in her own power while standing in healing in love. From every situation Jennifer is aware of the what the lesson is at the time.
Segment 4
Erica discusses how a community can work for you during your healing journey. Erica surrounded herself with like minded individuals who were able to show compassion and love and how important it is to have people supporting her. Jennifer touches base on how community saved her life from suicide and how the community rallied around her. Magaly discusses how surrounding yourself with like minded people allows you to be yourself and how it raises your vibration and the importance of seeking out a community.