The Gov Shack

Thursday, September 13, 2018

2018/09/12 - The Democrats and The Republicans

THIS WEEK: The Democrats and The Republicans
This is a show about politics, society and our future. We need to shift our mindset away from strict rules and centralized control to free-flowing ideas and localized solutions. Our culture needs to move away from fear-based retaliatory reaction and toward growth-based proactive support.
Segment 1 Larry talks about his approach to conversations with Republican and Democrat voters. He speaks about how both Republicans and Democrats have not served the African Americans community. He believes that we should break the left/right paradigm. He says that when we do this, we can affect change on our government in a positive way. He also believes governments should find other ways of raising money besides taxing. He speaks about treating farmers like small businesses and allowing them to farm hemp and cannabis, which would give them freedom to create specialized products such as ice cream and cheese. Segment 2 Larry speaks on the ways New York has historically been a Blue State and evaluates the current Republican candidate. Larry elaborates his position on the Second Amendment. He believes that the Safe Act has not made New York any safer and he resolves to get it repealed by 2020. He explains his plans for bail bond reform. He continues to take more phone calls as well as questions that were written in. Segment 3 Larry discusses how he uses comedy in his campaigning; stating his intention to educate and generate interest. He says that using comedy to breach a serious subject usually encourages people to fight harder even when they’re upset at the meme. He speaks on prison reform and says that he wants to give New Yorkers a fair second chance when they leave prison. Larry also talks about the BitLicense, blockchains, and bitcoins. He recognizes New York’s history of fighting new things such as bitcoin, uber, etc. and says that his goal is to make it easier to use bitcoin in New York. Segment 4 Larry examines his approach to fringe voters and how he instead focuses on those who do not have voting history. He speaks about the fact that 70% of New Yorkers do not vote. He says that he learned from Sanders and Trump that if you can get someone to show up to your event, you can get them to vote for you. Based on this idea, he has many events all over New York. He currently has events coming up in Albany and across the Western side of New York.He proposes his solutions to clean water and environmental issues in Upstate New York.