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Thursday, September 6, 2018

2018/09/06 - The Healer Series Part 1

Hosted by Kai Cole and Dell Henderson, we gather a loving community to practice cultivating MAGIC in our lives. [EPISODE] The Healer Series Part 1 September is a month of Healing. This week Our Daily Magic features profound healers:
--> Michael Sherman of --> Alex M of Emotional Surgery (
Join us as we discuss how they discovered their gifts and how they are currently impacting the community at large.   Alex and Michael share their journeys and new realizations about being a healer and what it means in the world today. Michael is also leading a powerful 7 day intensive on 9/30 where you learn to harness the power of Solo Traveling on your own to give your reality a reboot.  To find out more, please click HERE. Find out more about a host of #magical #daily #rituals, hot #new items, live events & our stellar #tribe
Segment 1
Kai and Dell discuss their seven profound days of cleanse and how it has reset their mind and body. Consciously being aware of what they put in their bodies. They discuss the quote of the day "We do not heal the past by dwelling there, we live the past by living fully in the present."and Dell expounds how your past can teach you valuable lessons and learn how to live in the present moment.  The special guest today Michael Sherman AKA the Samurai Rabbi, Life Coach and  Wellness Trainer and Alex "The Healer" . Michael discusses present momenting and how nature can be a way of healing because nature is always in the present.
Segment 2 
Michael discusses how he came to a crossroads in his life and he went to Japan. How he wrote a book and was counseling many people and helping people with their problems. Michael said he would always resort to getting away from the situation and how that would allow him to have a life changing experience. He would counsel many people to do the same and people would experience feeling clarity, a  spiritual reboot, a reclaiming of their soulness and perhaps discovering their dream again. As if it some sort of a wake up call. It is feeling, a heroic experience for yourself and make it a powerful celebration of their lives. Kai discusses how Michael has also had an impact on their lives as well. The importance of reclaiming of yourselves and the benefits of solo travel. Kai talks about her one way ticket to Mexico and how magical and healing it was and solo travel can change your life.
Segment 3
Rashidat talks to Alex about how he discovered his gifts of healing. Alex talks about how he receives visions on healing people and the techniques that he uses. Kai shares her experience how Alex spoke to the judgement in her body and the sensation that she experienced not so much as physical but consciously. Dale discusses how he shifts his mindset to helping people and how we are all energy.
Segment 4
Alex talks about the state of being that you have to be in when healing. Michael touches on the learning curve and how important it is for you to be moving in the right direction in their life and to be fully in service if your going to spend your life as healers. It is important as healers to be mindful how you handle the many kinds of people who come your way. Alex shares how he nourishes his self and makes sure he's recharged by hanging out with friends, laughing, exercise, meditation and self talk.  If you would like to contact Michael please go to his website at If you would like to contact Alex please email him at